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APDP rewards the best ecuadorian athletes

Jefferson Pérez was one of the most outstanding figures in the ceremony at the Bolivar Theater.

Surprise was evident in the faces of Patricio Urrutia, José Cevallos, Franklin Salas and Paul Ambrossi, after receiving a wooden replica of the Copa de Libertadores, after their sportsmanship was recognized by the Sporting Journalist Association of Pichincha.

Perez and Escobar: Fast, high and strong

The Olympic Ecuadorian Committee rewarded the campaigns in 2008

Just as it was done in 2007, the walker Jefferson Pérez and the weightlifter Alexandra Escobar won once again the Cituis, Altuis, Fortius trophy, the maximum distinction that the Olympic Ecuadorian Committee grants (OEC) to the best sportsman of the year.


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