The “Jefferson Perez” Foundation Realizes in Social Work in Ecuador

ECUADOR, 15/03/2005. The work of the began in the month of December of last year with the distribution of gifts to hundreds of Ecuadorian children.

The idea of creating the “Jefferson Perez” Foundation arose an initiative of the Perez Quezada Family with support of a group of friends, who where very worried by the grave situation of the poor people and the lack of attention for children. They decided to jointly set up an institution to look out for the interests of the neediest. In this way, the idea took shape with the help of several friends that included Dr. Mario Jaramillo, Dr. Bolivar Andrade, Dr. Paul Granda, Mr. Fabian Pérez and Mrs. Lucrecia Quezada(Jefferson’s Mother), and after complying with all the pertinent formalities.

Today we can look to an organization that will work to achieve the fundamental goal for which it was created, help and support the economically less- favored, and in this way create an Ecuador that is more prosperous and has more solidarity in the coming years.

So it is that the foundation initiated its activities in the month of December, visiting schools, institutions for handicapped children, day-care centers, and others, carrying necessary help to them, especially in the Christmas season, when the Foundation was able to bring many smiles to the faces of children and persons with low incomes in general, whom are perhaps forgotten of such special cookies, candies, loaves of Christmas bread and note books to more that 1,000 children of the different poor institutions.

But the social work did not end there. In the month of January an industrial kitchen stove was donated to the “Jorge Valencia” Fiscal Primary School to facilitate preparing daily meals provided by the authorities and parents organization for almost 200 boys and girls who study there. Likewise, in the month of February uniforms were given to the track and field team of “Hernan Cordero” Public School.

In coming days, a followup will be performed on another of the Foundation’s projects, known as the “Health Boat”. This consist of taking medical personnel and medicine by boat to provide free medical attention to the inhabitants of the Jambelí Archipielago and, additionally, implementing a permanent health center in this area. Jambelí is an Archipielago formed by several islands located off the southern Ecuadorian coast and whose inhabitants lack of number of basic services.

In this way the Foundation begins its social work, as always benefiting the neediest and the forgotten of our country with the unconditional and total support of its director and creator, Jefferson Perez Quezada.

This report is to outline the social aid carried out by our champion as an act of gratitude and reciprocity toward the country that has given him absolutely everything: identity, education, family end friends.

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