Japanese Television invited Jefferson to a demonstration of his technique and his speed

JAPAN, 09/11/2005. One of the most viewed programs in the Japanese television invited the World race walking Pent champion, to a presentation to an auditorium of thousands of people and millions of viewers in all the Japanese territory. This invitation came around after the international press called Jeff as the “Living Latin American Sports Legend”, after his fifth world achievement.

The main idea of the television program is that Jefferson makes a demonstration of his technique and his speed in race walking. At the same time some people of the audience, physically prepared for this event, will try to follow the athlete, that is, 10 minutes repetitions will be made inside the studio as well as outside in some of the main streets of Tokyo, where the distance that the participants can cover will be measured.

Close to 36 cameras were installed in each one of the sets where the event took place and whose production was brilliant. It was even necessary to close some of the main streets of the Nippon capital city in order to achieve some of the planned objectives.

After the television program, the producers invited Jefferson to a tour around some of the main attractions of the area. He finally returned to Ecuador where he is actually doing to daily exercise routines, at the same time he is going to the University of Azuay, where he is about to obtain his Masters degree on Business Management. He plans to finish his studies by May, next year.

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