APDP rewards the best ecuadorian athletes

Ecuador, 18/01/2009. Jefferson Pérez was one of the most outstanding figures in the ceremony at the Bolivar Theater.

Surprise was evident in the faces of Patricio Urrutia, José Cevallos, Franklin Salas and Paul Ambrossi, after receiving a wooden replica of the Copa de Libertadores, after their sportsmanship was recognized by the Sporting Journalist Association of Pichincha.

Cevallos stroke the sculpture to check the material it was made of and later Urrutia raised the trophy, as he did last year in the Maracaná.

The ceremony was at risk after the blackout on Thursday, which was produced in 70 % of the country, but the inconvenience was solved.

The Cuencano Jefferson Pérez was one of the most recognized figures in the evening, and in his speech he demonstrated to be upset with the reduction of the 50 % of the State’s support to sport figures. “We are not so worried about the financial crisis; with hard work we will keep going ahead. We are worried that they take away the possibility of the distribution of the state’s budget to represent the country, he said.

In addition to Liga's team, Rodrigo Paz was awarded the prize for Best Leader and Edgardo Bauza for best professional strategist.

Damiano shaded the event with songs dedicated to José Cevallos and Jefferson Pérez. ( AGM ).

Others highlighted in 2008.

In the amateur range, several sportsmen were acknowledged of their trajectory in the last season.

Among this who stand out, are Alejandro Kratochville in car racing, Byron Guama in cycling, Martha Fierro in chess, Oscar Sosa in kick boxing, Daniela Darquea in golf and Ricardo López in shooting.

(AGM) .Source: www.hoy.com.ec

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