Perez and Escobar: Fast, high and strong

Ecuador, 09/01/2009. The Olympic Ecuadorian Committee rewarded the campaigns in 2008

Just as it was done in 2007, the walker Jefferson Pérez and the weightlifter Alexandra Escobar won once again the Cituis, Altuis, Fortius trophy, the maximum distinction that the Olympic Ecuadorian Committee grants (OEC) to the best sportsman of the year.

Pérez received this tribute for receiving a silver medal obtained in the 20 km walk in Beijing's Olympic Games, in which Alexandra Escobar reached the fifth position in the 58 kilograms category.

“Preparation never ends for a high-level sportsman. We have to continue with more force”, indicated a sportswoman from Esmeraldas.

Jefferson Pérez, who no longer remembers how many tributes he has been given up to these date, was the most excited person in the ceremony. “With effort, every goal is possible. True heroes are in the court, on the field, in the play, let’s appreciate each and every one of our efforts”, said Pérez after receiving the trophy.


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